Sustainable wedding fashion


Sustainable wedding fashion at Tessa & Thomi

Fairness, sustainability and forward-thinking are the key words at Green Wedding. Tessa & Thomi have been around for 10 years. All this time, we have not been buying clothes in stock, but only models. It is only when customers order that we impact the environment. For YOUR wedding, for the most beautiful day in YOUR life.

Tessa & Thomi Green Wedding brings together dresses and wedding rings from suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and express this in their products:







For a beautiful wedding and a healthy environment


Did you know that the garment industry is the second largest polluter in the world? 

At Tessa & Thomi, we work hard on socially responsible entrepreneurship, even though we are only a small company, and our contribution is correspondingly small. We do not buy clothes in stock, but rather stock models so that an individual garment can be made for each customer.

What we have learned so far is that there is no such thing as 100% sustainability. It's a continuous process - one small step at a time, from eco-electricity to the recyclable customer bag to Tessa & Thomi Green Wedding.



Brautpaar mit Kind und Trauzeugen im Green Wedding Stil stehen in der Natur mit einem Holzhaus im Hintergrund







Braut im Green Wedding Brautkleid mit langen Ärmeln und Taillen-Gürtel aus Bohospitze und fallendem Rock
Drei Brautjungfern in pastellgrünen Kleidern und die Braut in der Mitte halten jeweils einen Blumenstrauss und lachen in die Kamera
Braut im Green Wedding Brautkleid mit Oberteil aus Bohospitze Darunter Bauchfreies kurzärmliges Oberteil und schlichter Rock
Brautpaar im Green Wedding Stil läuft lachend und Arm in Arm eine Holzveranda entlang
Brautpaar im Green Wedding Stil gibt sich einen Kuss inmitten von Bäumen mit herbstlich bunten Blättern



One of the most beautiful in Switzerland


Let yourself be inspired in one of the most beautiful and modern wedding lounges in Switzerland and find your dream dress, your tailor-made suit, or your wedding rings!