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Dreams come true

Bridal Fashion

Wedding dresses are our great passion.

Our collection should be as diverse as possible and there should be a dream dress for every figure and taste. Whether it's an A-line to hide a little extra padding, a vintage dress for a dream wedding by the lake or a princess dress with a veil to make a girl's dream come true. Choose the individual categories and let yourself be seduced.





Your look for the new year


Trends are one thing, what suits you is another. Fashion is what you like best.

The wedding dress reflects the bride's personality. Wedding dresses are as different as brides are unique. Your personality is also reflected in the choice of location and influences the style of your dress. A vintage wedding at a mountain hut with an open fire or a wedding in a princess dress with a big veil and big band at a castle - both are in vogue and much more. One trend runs through all styles in 2023: sleeves. Not sure if they're for you? Just give them a try!

We get to know many different bridal couples. Every wedding is unique, and we think that's wonderful. As unique as we all are, so is every bride and groom and their wedding. 








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One of the most beautiful in Switzerland


Let yourself be inspired in one of the most beautiful and modern wedding lounges in Switzerland and find your dream dress, your tailor-made suit, or your wedding rings!